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See that cookie on the plate,
so different than the others?
A mold had been pressed,
one design for the whole batch.
The same oven was used,
the same fire baked them.
Yet a lone cookie remained,
similar but different.
Its doesn't matter to the baker,
he knows its like all the others.

See that cookie cutter mold,
the one the baker is holding.
That was the mold used,
the original design.
The cookie might be different,
but it fits within the mold.
The result was a little different,
yet the mold remains the same.
The baker smiles as he bites it,
it was still like the others.

See that girl in that pew
so different than the others?
She was raised in the same faith,
as was all the others.
She went to the same church,
and was sealed with the same Spirit.
Yet she wasn't fully like them,
similar but still different.
Its doesn't matter to her Father,
he knows she loves him like all the others.

The nailed scarred hands,
eternal and never changing.
The hands that stretched the universe,
were stretched out on a tree.
One way, one truth, one life,
one death and one resurrection.
The Father sees the different lives,
but his eyes are on his children's hearts.
He sees the crimson mold of a cross,
seared within each child's spirit.

Cookie Cutter Mold

Okay the prospect of Yeshua and his redemption via the cross as like a cookie mold sounds strange. Childish in a sense. Yet the idea really struck me as the image of a batch of cookies came to mind. I love soft, warm sugar cookies and I bake a bit so I personally had that one awkward result. Just because it looks a little different and didn't come out just as I expected it, its still the same mouth watering slice of heaven. The substance was the same as was the mold used to cut a shape out.

One of the big problems within Christianity is that we judge each other harshly for not following the same set of rules. Scripture is something completely diffrent. When it comes to scripture, that is a serious matter that will require the guidance of G-d and sometimes confrontation. Howevere, I'm talking about the rules within churches and the accepted norms. An exapmle is some churches permit women to wear pants while others forbid it all together and require skirts. Our place is not to judge each other like the other person has done an unspeakable crime. Only G-d has the right to judge. Same thing goes for those who go under denominations. There will be differences with interpratation of scripture and its okay to discuss it in order to understand why they see what they see. In the end, true believers of Yeshua are not marked by rules, doctrine, or denominations. They are marked by their sincere faith in Yeshua and by their desire to humbly follow him. Sometimes it may not even seem clear to other Christians but G-d sees the hearts - not the apperance.

Please comment with respect. G-d bless.

XD Google question suggestion - are nuns fbi or cia?
Take a picture by AngelWorks24
Take a picture
Butterflies Its nice to finally upload some quality work. With summer around the corner and school almost done for the year, I plan on doing a lot more work over the summer. Stay tune. Thanks for all the support! Butterflies 
Abstract Portrait by AngelWorks24
Abstract Portrait
^///^ This is my final for my Digital Art class. Originally it was going to be a portrait of me but the complexities of my profile were a pain in the neck.
  • Mood: Disbelief
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>_>; Spring Fever is fine when its the metaphoric meaning but in my case I get the literal meaning - the actual fever.
  • Mood: Disbelief
  • Listening to: Tokyo - Owl City
>_>; Spring Fever is fine when its the metaphoric meaning but in my case I get the literal meaning - the actual fever.


AngelWorks24's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
:wave: Hi! My name is Mary and its a pleasure to meet you people. I'm an artist, photographer in training and ultimately a follower of Yeshua. Not everything I post fits the 'Christian genre' because I'm a normal girl with different interests besides faith. Its my prayer that you see G-d in what I do even if it doesn't appear to fit the typical Christian stereotype.

Things I love
- Hashem/Yeshua
- Good Books (>.< can't stand Mary-Sues)
- :flagofisrael: by capncraka Israel (Beautiful nation!)
- Great Food
- Inspiring Creativity
- Optimism
- Taking Pictures
- Cute fashion (not to a shopaholic degree)
- Happy People

Things I don't like
- People who dis my beliefs
- People who dis my background (Indian and Arab. Deal with it)
- Anti-Semitism
- Horror films
- Quick judgers
- Unnecessary conflict


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